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Anna Mason Kabra knew how to keep her head better than any of her many siblings, despite being the youngest.
Natalie was easily broken by anything involving money, clothes, or jewelry.
Ian by the mention of his ex-almost-girlfriend, Amelia Cahill, who he had, by their mother's order's manipulated and nearly left for dead.

Kara by any happening of pain or war in the family; she was always afraid someone would get hurt or killed.
Candy was horrible at keeping her priorities straight and tended to put her enjoyment before her common sense.
Now keeping your head in a family run by a psychopathic woman wasn't easy of course, so their issues weren't so odd really, it was just that Anna Mason had taught herself to keep her head when she was four years old, so that she wouldn't be like her siblings. She had taught herself that if no one else was able to be calm about a crisis, then she would have to, no matter how much she was hurting, she had learned to push her hurt aside until she was alone, and she could keep it up for days if it was necessary.
In this particular case Candy had died; she had let her lack of priorities get too far and managed to make the ex-queen of the world mad or something to that sense. No one would tell her exactly what had happened.
Natalie, Ian, and their mother Isabel didn't care at all, Anna Mason was sure their father Vikram cared, but of course, Isabel was head of the house, and to be honest most of them were afraid of her.
Kara however was distraught, she was crying, and panicking, and breathing heavily, and unable to even speak very much.
Candy had gone missing, on the twenty-first of December, Kara and Candy's best friend Joni had held on to the small amount of hope that she might be alive, but on the Christmas eve (of all days) Ciara Wyler had found her dead body, in Elvira Goth's home.
When Kara and Joni came back to their secret rooms hidden from Isabel, Kara looked half dead.
"Did you find her?" Anna Mason asked hopefully.
"S-sort o-of, b-butů" Kara broke down in tears before she could finish.
Now Anna Mason was anxious.
"But... what?" she looked to Joni.
"Well, they found her, but she's not coming back... I'm sorry."
"Why not?" Innocent, Anna Mason tilted her head, confused.
"Umm, she's gone to a better place, heaven or where ever you think people go.... Anna, she's dead..."
Anna Mason blinked "W-what? H-how?"
"They don't know yet."
Anna Mason curled up against Joni's leg, trying to very hard not to cry, as Joni patted her head, a little awkwardly.
"Let's make candy corn tacos to honor her," Anna Mason was so very dead serious, that it would have been cute as it gets under any other circumstances.
"Okay," Joni replied, as seriously as she could.
Anna Mason directed Candy's memorial, she got people there, she arranged food, and she pretended the issue wasn't making her die inside, but after the memorial, still Christmas eve, Anna Mason cried, and she whispered so quietly and seriously that it was impossible to find more cute than pathetic and sad:
"S-Santa... I don't need any of the things I asked for; I don't need any of the things I have... I just want my sister. Candace Kabra."
Joni (c) Bluesheepy

Elvira and Ciara (c) FallenTributes

Isabel, Vikram, Natalie, and Ian (c) Schoolastic

Everyone Else (c) Me

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January 9, 2013
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